Catholic Cathedral Church of Saint John The Baptist – Santorini

Catholic Cathedral Church of Saint John The Baptist

Near one of the extremes of Fira, you will find the Catholic Cathedral of Santorini, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. It is not very old, nor huge, but beautifully built and decorated. The church is attended regularly by the catholic population of the island (nearly 500 members) and masses are celebrated every Sunday at 10AM (from June to September masses are also celebrated on Saturdays and Sundays at 7PM). Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.
Beautiful architecture in the heart of Fira. A peaceful oasis to reflect and a source of peace and quiet after a long walk in the beautiful island.
The main Roman Catholic church on Santorini is located above the main square. It is an understated church with beautiful details. Since it is not a “core” attraction people arrive respectfully and it is possible to admire or to sit and reflect or to pray, or to participate in a mass (in Greek.)
Lovely, to find a catholic cathedral in Greece.