Orthodox Cathedral – Santorini

Orthodox Cathedral

A beautiful temple is famous for spectacular views of the volcano and the caldera. The interior of the church is impressive with beautiful frescoes of Santorini painter Christopher Asim. The construction of the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin was completed in 1827, when he was known as “Lady of Bellonia” because of the name of the owner. Restored in 1956 after almost complete destruction of the same year.
A Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Firon.Vrisketai downtown overlooking kalntera.Echei excellent architecture with beautiful interior choro.I images of holy awe and admiration in episkepti.Mi hesitate to visit is wonderful.
Orthodoxy reference point on the island a beauteous church in Fira dominates over the rocks of the island has beautiful frescoes and reminds the traveler the religious identity of the island.