Panagia Platsani Church- Santorini

Panagia Platsani Church

Panagia Platsani (1965) is located in the center of Oia Santorini.
The Holy Parish Church of Our Panagia┬áPlatsanis (1965) is dedicated to the Virgin Akathist Hymn tisYperagias located in the center of Oia. The name “Platsani” caused by the splash of the waves hitting, on this, according to tradition when he found a fisherman at sea Panagia, which spoke to him and told him to build a church, which faces the island because the image came from ruined church of Crete.
Because the image squelch in sea water, called “the Platsani” Panagia.
The oldest temple was built in the castle of the village, ie busy today where all visitors to the island gather to enjoy the famous sunset of Oia.
But with the devastating earthquake on July 9, 1956, the church was demolished and because the soil here was not stable, rebuilt in the present location of the church located in the village center.
After the Mass a feast of beans and local wine.