Saint Charalambos church in Santorini

Saint Charalambos church

The church of Saint Charalambos, which is one of the three largest churches of Santorini.
The best views of the village Thira will enjoy from Agios Charalambos. The church of Saint Charalambos said to have been founded in 1705. The monastery was dissolved in 1833 along with several other monasteries for men. The following year the church was given to the Municipality Kallistis. In 1893 it was demolished and built another church, three-aisled basilica with dome and triconch sanctuary. After the earthquake of 1926 demolished it. The parish decided to establish in 1941 at the edge of the village, to the point that we see today, the third temple. He is the only one with a tiled roof, in contrast to all the churches of the island, except the Byzantine church of the Diocese with the old, large, square tiles.